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Take the 5-in-1 camping tent cot for your adventures!

Take the 5-in-1 camping tent cot for your adventures! You will receive a tent, a camping bed, an air mattress, an air pillow and a sleeping bag, all covers will be offered. Based on reality, the tent cot can be turned into various forms, like a bedding set, an elevated camping bed, a floor tent, etc. For outdoors, the tent is made of 190T PU-coated polyester and fitted with bottom PE segregation fabric to resist drizzle and a wet ground. Since it is 42cm elevated, uninvited guests will be isolated. Also, there is a large sunshade and 4 meshed windows for coolness. As for stability, both tent and camping bed are crafted of strong materials, like metal, FRP poles, to enhance sturdiness. You can use included metal stakes and ropes for further fixations. More importantly, air mattress and pillow are upgraded with 9" thick coil beam support constructions for better comfort. 2 scientific valves are offered as well to ensure quick and sealed inflation. Finally, the folding camping tent cot allows for 2 ways to inflate, step to inflate or use an electronic pump (not included).



Bullet Point:

5-In-1 Tent Combo for Versatility: The package contains a camping bed, a tent, an air mattress, an air pillow, all covers included, and a sleeping bag to achieve 5-in-1 design. As needed, you could flexibly combine them as a bedding set, a tent combo or a sleeping tent cot for hiking, picnic or backpacking.

All-Weather & Elevated Design: Best care for you in diverse weathers, the tent cot is made of 190T PU-coated polyester with proper drizzle resistance, while it comes with a large sunshade to block direct sunlight. Plus, the camping tent is 42cm off the ground and has a bottom PE segregation fabric to avoid a wet floor and uninvited guests.

Strong & Stable Metal Frame: The tent features a top central connector that tightly attach FRP poles for a strong frame. Also, the camping bed consists of X metal legs and anti-slip pads to ensure stability. More, the tent cot has more considerate details, like buckles, hook & loop fasteners, metal stakes and ropes for further fixations.

Comfy Air Mattress & Pillow: Why our air mattress & pillow are better? Currently, the interiors have been upgraded to 22cm thick coil beam support constructions, with more elasticity and better resisting deformation. More, 2 advanced valves work very well for quicker and better sealed inflation & deflation. As needed, 2 inflating ways are available, step to inflate or use an electronic pump (not included).

Easy Assembly & Ventilation: A concise manual could guide you to finish the whole setup, then you can lie inside to feel nature. 4 meshed windows are supplied to promote air flow for coolness. At the end of camping, fold the tent cot in seconds, store it in an included carry bag, drive yourself home, everything is simple.




5-in-1 camping tent cot includes a camping tent, a camping bed, an air mattress and a air pillow

Bedding set contains 1 x air mattress with cover, 1 x air pillow with cover and 1 x sleeping bag

Superior bed & pillow come with covers that are tear resistant and washable

Elevated frame avoids direct contact to a wet ground or uninvited guests

Top connector & FRP poles form a reliable frame

2 forms available to resist sunshine, put away the sunshade or set up the sunshade

Drizzle-proof 190T PU-coated polyester, waterproof bottom PE segregation fabric

4 meshed windows for ventilation, perfect for camping in the summer

Coil beam support construction with better elasticity, not easy to deform

Others with hollow structure & thin materials, offer weak support, easy to deform

2 advanced valves, faster & easier to inflate & deflate, better than 1 normal valve, hard to inflate & deflate

Wavy surface closely fits your body and ensures a comfortable camping

2 ways for inflation, 1: step to inflate, 2: use an electronic pump (not included)

Easy portability allows for multi-scene use, like camping site, lakeside or beach

Zippers & buckle organize the roll-up door

Buckles, hook & loop fasteners stably fix air bed & sleeping bag

Straps, hook & loop fasteners firmly attach the tent & camping bed

Ropes & ground stakes keep it stable Standing outdoors

X-shaped legs & anti-slip pads offer reliable support




Colour: Green

Material: Metal, FRP, 190T PU-Coated Polyester, PE Oxford

Overall Dimension:194 x 87 x 167cm (L x W x H)

Inner Size of Tent (Combined State): 185 x 76 x 100cm (L x W x H)

Size of Air Mattress: 76 x 185 x 22cm (L x W x H)

Size of Carry Bag: 98 x 24 x 24cm (L x W x H)

Height of Camping Bed: 43cm

Size of Pillow:42 x 27 x 11cm (L x W x H)

Load Capacity: 150kg

Net Weight: 13kg



Package Includes:

1 x 1-Person Camping Tent Cot

10 x Ground Stake

6 x Fasten Rope

1 x Pump

1 x Carry Bag

1 x User Guide

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