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Our cat scratching post is designed to provide endless fun for your loved cats!

Our cat scratching post is designed to provide endless fun for your loved cats! It’s great for your cats to grind claws on the sisal scratcher and express their instincts, thus keep cats away from damaging valuable furniture. Featuring two dangling ball and one EVA plate, the cat interactive toy allows cats to fully stretch their body and enjoy the comfort of massage. Besides, cats can take a good sleep on wide plush base. With a compact size and elegant appearance, it can be placed in various rooms, especially ideal for room-limited space. The play center comes into 3 main parts for easy assembly. Made of premium engineered wood and natural sisal, the cat tree will company with your cat all the seasons.



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Multifunctional Cat Interactive Center: The 79 cm tall cat scratch post with a top dangling ball allows kittens and adult cats to fully stretch themselves. They can grind their claws on the upper sisal ropes and rub themselves on the lower EVA plate. With a wide plush base, the post allows your cat to take a good rest on the comfortable fluffy base while playing with the central ball.

Keep Your Cat from Scratching Furniture: A high quality cat scratch post can be the right solution for cat declawing and furniture damages. The scratching instinct of cats can be fully satisfied by the cat scratcher, thus keep them from damaging valuable furniture. It will be an attractive and joyful interactive toy for your cat!

Premium and Safety Material: The scratch post is surrounded by natural sisal ropes, which are safe and durable for cats to grind their claws. And the soft plush surface provides super comfort to cats. The frame of the cat tree is made of high quality engineered wood, ensuring the reliability and durability of the product.

Steady Frame & Suitable For Most Cats: Measuring 79 cm tall, the cat tree is suitable for most size of cats from kitten to adult. Thanks to the large and thick base, the scratching post has good stability and is not easy to wobble or tip. Once you tighten the screws, all the parts will be steady so that your cats can play around freely.

Easy Assembly for Home Use: The cat scratch post has only 3 main parts. You can easily put all parts together in minutes with the guidance of user’s manual. Screws and tool are included. Cats can enjoy the fun of cat tree as soon as possible. Moreover, the compact and elegant gray scratcher looks great for most room decors.




79 cm tall cat scratch post is suitable for kittens and adult cats

Natural sisal provides wonderful scratching experience for cats

EVA plate for cat to rub themselves and enjoy massage experience

Two dangling plush ball with mini bells attract cats’ attention

Large base with comfortable plush for cats to play and rest

High quality engineered wood frame ensures its stability

Easy assembly for everyone to finish in minutes




Color: Gray

Material: Engineered wood, Plush, EVA

Overall dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 79cm (L x W x H)

Net weight: 5 kg



Package Includes

1 x Cat Scratch Post

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