Reward Point

What is Costway Reward Point

Costway Reward Points are a form of discount that you can earn through various activities on our online shop at You can exchange these points for discounts of up to 20% on your total order value in your shopping cart. 

How can I exchange Costway Reward Points For Discounts?

You can exchange your earned points for discounts when you place an order.

Each Costway Reward Point is equivalent to 0.01 AUD.

How can I get Costway Reward Points?

Once you register on, you are automatically eligible to earn points through the following methods:

1. Place an order

Earn Costway Reward Points for every order you place.

1 AUD spent is equivalent to 1 Costway Reward Point.

For example, if you place an order with a total value of AUD 100, you will receive 100 Costway Reward Points. Check my points.

2. Leave a review and get rewarded
• Constructive review - 200 points
• Constructive review accompanied by an image - 500 points
Sitejabber review - 500 points

• Reviews chosen for What People Are Saying - 500 points + $5 coupon

3. Participate in activities

Keep an eye on our newsletter or for special activities where you can earn double or more reward points.

4. Follow us - 100 Points
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You will earn 100 points.

5. Fill out the customer survey - 100 Points
Takes no more than 2 minutes to help us improve customers' shopping experience.
Go to survey


Please be aware: once Costway Reward Points are used, please note that they can not be returned.