Reward Point

What is Costway Reward Point

Costway Reward Points are a form of discount that you can earn through various activities on our online shop at You can exchange these points for discounts of up to 20% on your total order value in your shopping cart. Unlike regular coupons and discounts, Costway Reward Points do not expire.

How can I exchange Costway Reward Points For Discounts?

You can exchange your earned points for discounts when you place an order.

Each Costway Reward Point is equivalent to 0.01 AUD.

How can I get Costway Reward Points?

Once you register on, you are automatically eligible to earn points through the following methods:

1. Register - 100 Points
Register on our website to receive 100 points. Check my points.

2. Subscribe - 100 Points
Subscribe to our newsletter in your account to receive another 100 points.

3. Place an order

Earn Costway Reward Points for every order you place.

1 AUD spent is equivalent to 1 Costway Reward Point.

For example, if you place an order with a total value of AUD 100, you will receive 100 Costway Reward Points.

4. Writing detailed reviews - 100 Points
Earn 100 points by writing an All-5-Star review with a detailed product description, user experience, or any helpful advice for other customers.

5. Participate in activities

Keep an eye on our newsletter or for special activities where you can earn double or more reward points.

6. Follow us - 100 Points
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You will earn 100 points.

7. Fill out the customer survey - 100 Points
Takes no more than 2 minutes to help us improve customers' shopping experience.
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Please be aware: once Costway Reward Points are used, please note that they can not be returned.