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This is a fantastic musical instrument for all ages.

This is a fantastic musical instrument for all ages. Featuring wide scale range, from G5 to C8, this xylophone allows you to play a variety of musical scores. In addition to developing musical sense, our glockenspiel can also cultivate little enthusiastic music learners’ coordination ability. Not only is it suitable for little learners, but also for adults. Due to its wide application, you can use it for school music teaching or stage performance. Constructed by wood frame, this xylophone is sturdy and stable. What’s more, all accessories are complete, like rubber mallets for more percussive sound. And equipped with a carrying bag and a shoulder strap, it is easy for you to carry, which allows you to play music anytime, anywhere.



Bullet Point:

Superb Sound Quality & Wide Range: If you are a beginner, this percussion xylophone is specially designed for you. It has 30 notes (range: G5-C8) and two rows of tone, one row is chromatic scale, and the other one is whole tone scale, which provides crisp and rich timbre. High Quality

Material & Delicate Craftsmanship: Selection of aluminum plates to make 30 notes of the percussion glockenspiel, which is durable. The wooden base is natural and sturdy. Besides, after delicate treatment, the edge is smooth, which prevents people from being scratched.

Widely Applicable Percussion Instrument: Not only is our xylophone with 30 notes a percussion instrument suitable for enthusiastic music learners, but also considered as one of the easiest to start with. For younger learners, it cultivates their music sense and develops their coordinate ability.

Portable & Foldable for Convenience: The portable carrying bag is easy for you to carry the lightweight xylophone, allowing you to play music anytime, anywhere. Other than that, it's also very convenient to store. The foldable design allows you to just put in the corner of the storage room, which saves your space.

Detailed Product Information: Our glockenspiel with 30 notes is sold with a carrying bag, a shoulder strap and 2 mallets.




Wide scale ranges with chromatic scale and whole tone scale, from G5 to C8, playing a variety of musical scores

Great gift for enthusiastic music learners of all ages, to cultivate music sense and coordinate ability

Wide application, use for school music teaching or stage performance

Percussion glockenspiel is made of aluminum, creating crisp tone and lasting a long time

Sturdy and stable wood frame with smooth edge, no worry about shaking or getting hurt Carrying bag for easy carry, play music anytime, anywhere

Sold with 2 mallets, shoulder strap and a carrying bag




Colour: Black + Silver

Material: Aluminum + Wood

Overall Dimension: 55.88cm(L) x 33.02cm(W) x 5.08cm(H)

Folding Dimension:55.88cm(L) x 17.78cm(W) x 8.89cm(H)

Length of Ballet: 26.67cm 

Net weight: 2.26kg



Package Includes:

1 x 30-note xylophone

2 x Mallet

1 x Carrying Bag

1 x Shoulder Strap

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