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Tear-resistant aluminized film walls deliver great heat and light detention, benefiting the growth of your veggies and plants, while the removable bottom tray of the same quality is water-resistant and spill-proof.

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Tear-resistant aluminized film walls deliver great heat and light detention, benefiting the growth of your veggies and plants, while the removable bottom tray of the same quality is water-resistant and spill-proof.



Heavy-duty steel poles hold the tent upright and stable with enough rooms to accommodate couples of plant pots and even raised garden beds. Packed with ventilation holes and meshes as well as easy observation windows, this indoor grow tent lets you manage your pots with easy operation. Moreover, hanging bars also add more practicability to the whole tent.



Bullet Point:

Light Proof & Extra Thick Canvas: This indoor grow tent uses high reflective 600D polyester materials, which are able to keep all the light inside and retain the heat. Intensifying the effect of your grow light and keeping the temperature inside at the right level, this dark room makes your herbs, fruits, and veggies thrive.

Stable and Qualified Construction: Framed by solid steel poles, this grow tent is within standard stability and reliability for long-lasting use. The detachable aluminized floor tray is water-repellent, tear-resist, and also spill-proof.

Easy Observation and Ventilation: 2 observation windows give you the freedom of checking in on your plants at any time without zippering down the doors and causing interference to the growth of the plants. The grow tent also packs ventilation socks and meshes to foster a healthy environment.

Ample Space with Hanging Bars: With a growing area of 244cm x 122cm, this indoor grow tent delivers a spacious room for you to manage your greens and even accommodates a raised garden bed. Hanging bars of a maximum weight of 60kg help you to set up your growing light and other devices.

Easy to Set Up: With detailed and professional instructions, you are able to install the entire grow tent at ease. All the parts and tools you need will be prepared for you on the package for a successful assembly. Product dimension:244cm x 122cm x 183cm (L x W x H).




600D aluminized film and bottom tray, resisting water and tear, blocking lights and soil leakage

An ideal indoor growing tent is good for the growth of greens.

Using steel poles to form stable and strong frames

Hanging bar for setting grow lights, each holding weight of 60kg

It has multiple ventilation socks and meshes for airflow

Small visible windows allow you to have a peek at the inside of the tent.

A growing area of 244cm x 122cm, adaptable to many plants growing facilities

Assemble should be fast and easy with detailed manual guidance




Material: 600D aluminized film, steel poles

Product dimension:244cm x 122cm x 183cm (L x W x H)

Maximum weight of hanging bar: 60kg

Net weight: 19.5kg



Package includes:

1 x indoor grow tent

1 x instructions

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2 Reviews

Customer Reviews
  1. Tegu enclosure perfection
    This product came with “easy” 4 step instructions. I say “easy” because the steps didn’t have any wordage just pictures of the tent set up with letters for the poles. This thing has held 90 degrees ambient heat at 70% humidity with no problems for 3 days straight. The only problem we had was the zipper coming apart on the bottom which led to an escapee, spoiler alert we fixed it by shoving the teeth into the zipper with a fork (yes I broke the zipper when trying to fix it, it still works though). Although it’s very tall its definitely worth it, we tied the vents at the bottom shut with a zip tie and he loves it. Could you go with a shorter one? Yes. But does this one deter the cats from jumping on top? Also yes. Overall it’s very good but once you get that dirt in it do not expect to move it anywhere

    Review by Jay

    Posted on


  2. Huge tent and can grow many things in it.
    Granted, this tent is a great option for people who need to bring their gardening indoors due to bad weather. My wife and I spent about 2030 minutes installing it. If you coordinate well, you can go it alone. If you get frustrated easily, I don't recommend that you try it. So let's take a look at everything.
    price-not the best price or the best tent, but in terms of price, it's theft! I would choose vivaun instead of gorilla or other similar brands.
    Transport: No damage, all parts are there, and it arrived here on the day it said it would arrive here.
    configuration: 12 people work for 2030 minutes, if you have never configured it. Action
    : So this tent has only been used for about 2 weeks in my house. So far, compared to my small store, this is a huge improvement. It is durable, efficient and easy to adjust. A vent sufficient to adapt to any situation. One thing I don’t like is that the support rods that hang the lights/fans will slide around. If you need to adjust your settings, that's great, but if you already have the correct settings, it's a headache. The zipper seems to play a role in keeping the tent pole stable. I don't think it is 98% reflective, but it is more reflective than other products such as panda paper or polyester film. In general, it works as advertised, and I am completely satisfied.
    Worried about the zipper problem. This is true for all tents, clothes, or anything that is closed. Take your time and make sure you keep track and you will be fine. When I got to the tent I had a defect, a piece of material designed to prevent light penetration was sewn to the tent. I was able to carefully cut through the material, which solved the running and zipper issues. It took me 5 seconds to fix it, which is 100% common sense. The internal growth rules
    are simple ... they control temperature, humidity, humidity, air and keep the light in and out of the grow light. This tent can do all this. If you can't make a promise for your own growth space, this is a perfect solution.

    Review by Burbey

    Posted on


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