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Enjoy exciting bouncing and cool water fun with our inflatable water trampoline!

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Enjoy exciting bouncing and cool water fun with our inflatable water trampoline! Made of high elastic nylon cloth and bungee cord, this inflatable water bouncer shows outstanding bounce performance and will offer continuous happiness for you and your children. Besides, the wear-resistant, fadeless and puncture-proof PVC is durable and strong enough to withstand long-lasting outdoor use. This inflatable water trampoline with a max loading capacity of 150kg is suitable for 1 adult or 2 teenagers to play. Moreover, you can fill the anchor with water or sand and fix it to the water bouncer to use as a floating platform for yoga, lounging, fishing or sunbathing. The anti-slip rope ladder and integrated handles are designed to help you climb on the top of the water trampoline easily. Most of all, this inflatable water bouncer is easy and quick to set up by using the provided electric inflator.


Note: Kids must be supervised by adults during playing. Users must wear life jackets.



Bullet Point:

Large Playing Area & Versatile Use: This inflatable water trampoline with a weight limit of 150kg provides roomy space for 1 adult or 2 teenagers to play at the same time. What's more, it can serve as a water bouncer for calm sea & lake, land bouncer for backyard & garden, swimming pool platform, floating mat for sunbathing, etc.

High Elastic & Durable Material: The colorful parts are made of thickened and weather-resistant PVC, which has good wear resistance and is not easy to fade or tear up for long-lasting outdoor use. Besides, the high elastic and waterproof black nylon cloth plus high-quality elastic bands provide continuous stable bounce for various water sports.

Anti-slip Ladder & Integrated Handles: This inflatable water trampoline is equipped with a 3-step rope ladder and several built-in handles for you and your kids to climb to the top from water effortlessly. Besides, the ladder steps feature anti-slip textured surface to ensure your safety during climbing up.

Quick Inflation & Easy Storage: Coming with a bonus 500W electric air pump, this floating water bouncer can be inflated quickly in 10 minutes. And after use, you can turn off the pump to quickly deflate and fold it into a compact size for convenient storage and transportation.

Sweet Accessories & Dimensions: This round inflatable recreation water bouncer comes with complete accessories to offer you a better using experience, including 1 electric pump, 1 rope ladder, 1 anchor (can be filled with sand or water) and 3 mooring ropes. Overall size: 305cm x 305cm x 65cm (L x W x H) / 366cm x 366cm x 65cm (L x W x H)




High strength and puncture-proof PVC ensures long-lasting use

High elastic nylon cloth and bungee cord offer great bouncing fun

Large jumping area allows 1 adult or 2 teenagers to bounce freely

Quick inflation in 10 minutes with the powerful electric pump

The anti-slip ladder and built-in handles provide easy access

Can be used as a water bouncer or floating platform for pool, lake & sea

Perfect for various water sports, sunbathing, fishing, etc.

The anchor can be filled with water or sand for added stability

Colorful appearance can attract people's attention




Color:Blue + Green/Yellow + Green

Material: PVC + Nylon Cloth

Product dimensions: 305cm x 305cm x 65cm (L x W x H) / 366cm x 366cm x 65cm (L x W x H)

Net weight: 18kg / 23 kg

Diameter of bouncing area: 190cm / 245cm

Weight capacity: 150 kg

Recommended age: No less than 14 years old

Max pressure: 3.7 PSI

Required water depth: 2m



Package Includes:

1 x Water Bouncer

1 x 500W Electric Inflator

3 x Mooring Rope

1 x Rope Ladder

1 x Anchor

1 x Instruction

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