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A versatile and reliable golf club designed to improve your short game.

A versatile and reliable golf club designed to improve your short game. This high-quality chipper offers precision and control, allowing you to master those tricky shots around the green. The stainless steel head of this chipper provides excellent durability and a solid feel. The 36-degree loft is specifically designed to help lift the ball quickly and effortlessly, allowing for smooth and accurate chip shots. Whether you're faced with a chip over a bunker or a delicate shot onto the green, this chipper will help you achieve consistent and reliable results.   



Bullet Point:

Precise Chipping: The non-slip grinding surface is designed to give you better ball control. With its alignment line for accuracy, it can help you to line up shots toward your target with ease. And the low centre of gravity allows you to chip a beautiful shot easily.

Superior Shipping Performance: This chipper with a 72° lie is specifically designed to outperform chipping with a 7-iron. With a 90 cm putter-like length, you simply need to swing it like a putter and you can experience improved accuracy, control, and consistency around the green.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted with a durable stainless steel head and a sturdy steel shaft, this chipper is built to withstand the demands of your short game. And the heavy and solid feel brings greater confidence.

Comfortable Grip: The non-slip rubber grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold, allowing for a confident and controlled chipping stroke. So, this golf club is easy to control and enhances the stability of shots. Plus, the gooseneck hosel comes with better shank-proof performance.

Right-Handed Design: This chipper is specifically designed for right-handed golfers, providing an optimal fit and alignment for a natural and fluid chipping motion. Perfect for improving your short-game performance.




It is more effective than chipping with a 7# iron or other traditional irons

Made with a stainless steel head for reliable durability

Steel shaft brings a solid feel for confident shots

Equipped with textured rubber grip, which is easy to control

Easy to use with a putter-like length

A non-slip grinding surface adds extra control to each shot

Suitable for right-handed golfers of different levels




Colour: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel Head + Steel Shaft + Rubber Grip

Length: 90 cm

Lie: 72°

Loft: 36°

Head Weight: 320 g

Grip Weight: 50 g

Shaft Weight: 110 g

Availability: Right-handed



Package Includes:

1 x Chipper

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