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This cat condo offers a resting place for your cat with lots of cuddling opportunities and great vantage points.

This cat condo offers a resting place for your cat with lots of cuddling opportunities and great vantage points. Your cats have recesses and cuddles to rest, hide and scratch, which makes them perfect for 2 or more cats. To protect the rest of your interior, this cat furniture has a sisal scratching mat. Your cat can scratch this scratching mat to their heart's content. The construction consists of high-quality chipboard with a scratch-resistant finish and ensures high stability and robustness. The dark wood veneer of this scratching post and the contrasting white mat give the cat furniture a rustic flair.



Bullet Point:

Stability comes first: The cat tree is made of excellent wooden boards, which are connected with high-quality fittings. The large base provides reliable support for climbing and jumping and keeps the cat condo stable and upright. So that it can handle the cat jumping around.

A true scratching paradise: The scratching post with sisal fibres can better satisfy your cat's instinctive scratching needs. The scratching post is tightly connected to the underside with the hook and loop fasteners. Overall, the material is very durable, for long-lasting, sustainable use.

Enough space for fun and relaxation: the viewing platforms ensure that your cat has a broad perspective of the environment when they look down. The cradles with a soft surface also offer a high level of comfort when sleeping and resting. The jumping platforms at different heights give your cat footholds when climbing.

Removable and washable mat: The cushions are tightly connected to the structure with magnetic fasteners and are therefore not easily moved by the cats. In addition, the pillows are washable so that your cat can enjoy a clean environment. The cuddly plush pillow not only provides more comfort for the cat but also acts as an insulator against the cold.

Easy assembly: thanks to the detailed instructions, assembly is done quickly. All components are marked and tools are also available to prompt a successful installation. And if you have any problems, feel free to contact us. The finished size would be 69 x 39 x 81 cm (L x W x H).




Different areas for resting, playing and scratching

The soft mat provides comfort and protects against the cold

Removable and washable mat guarantees a clean environment

Post completely wrapped in sisal for claw care

Made from natural chipboard, a large base ensures more stability

Cuddly cave to hide and sleep

Soft and large hollows, like a hug

Instructions with detailed and clear assembly steps




Colour: Brown

Material: chipboard, sisal, plush

Product Dimensions: 69 x 39 x 81 cm (L x W x H)

Net Weight: 20.5 kg



Package Includes:

1 x Cat Tree

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