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Realistic artificial topiary balls are durable for indoor & outdoor use!

Realistic artificial topiary balls are durable for indoor & outdoor use! These 2pcs faux boxwood balls for decoration are made of high-quality PE, which shows better fade resistance and has no unpleasant smells. The outer leaves feature 3 layers in total, which makes each faux boxwood ball lifelike. Plus, unlike real plants that need careful maintenance, these decorative ball plants only need simple maintenance, which means no water, sunshine, fertilization or trimming. If the leaves fall off, you can stick them back in for long-term use. The evergreen topiary ball fits a square or round flowerpot with an opening of 11”-15”/28-38 cm to mimic a real potted plant for decoration. With good UV resistance, you can use them to refresh your places, Whether it's indoors or outdoors, such as a balcony, office, home, porch, garden, wedding, etc. By the way, each artificial topiary ball is very easy to install, just fasten the buckles and the connectors of the balls. Note: How to restore the shape of the faux boxwood balls? In cold weather, you need to put it in the sun or blow it with a hair dryer for a while & it will be full-bodied.



Bullet Point:

Lush Look & Premium Material: The artificial topiary ball has 3-layer leaves, which present a more luxuriant appearance for decoration. Made of superior PE, it will not turn yellow as the season changes but keep evergreen all the time. Bring a touch of spring to your home just with our faux boxwood topiary balls.

Perfect for Indoors & Outdoors: No weird smells from each topiary ball, it’s very safe for indoor decoration, such as living room, store, cafe, etc. Also, the faux boxwood ball is designed to be UV-proof, so that you can decorate outdoor places, such as the garden, backyards, weddings, etc.

Super Low Maintenance: The 2-piece artificial topiary ball set has eliminated the need for water, fertilization, sun & trimming, which will save you time & money. Visually, it is no different from real plants, so it can be a simple way to add year-round appeal.

Shape Restoration & Wide Use: If the faux boxwood balls deform in cold weather, what you need to do is put them in the sun or blow them with a hair dryer for a while to restore the shape. Plus, place it on a square or round flowerpot with an 11”-15” opening to make it more exquisite for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Easy Assembly & Restoration: Each artificial ball with a diameter of 19” consists of 2 semicircles that are tightly attached by preinstalled clips. Just a reminder, if leaves accidentally fall off, it is feasible to directly stick them back in for the perfect shape.




Premium PE material makes greenery leaves for better durability

Recommended for indoors & outdoors because of the Ideal UV protection and fade resistance

No weird smells make them safe for wide use

Evergreen design to bring great vibrancy to your home

Require no solid, pruning, watering or sunshine

Suitable for multiple places, such as home, office, shop or doorway

If leaves fall off, you can just stick them back in

When it’s cold, put it in the sun or blow it with a hair dryer to restore the shape

A square or round flowerpot with an 11”-15” top opening will be suitable

Easy to install the boxwood balls, only need to attach 2 halves with clips




Colour: Green

Material: PE

Overall Dimension:48 x 48 x 48 cm (L x W x H)

Inner Diameter:40 cm

Outer Diameter:48 cm

Suitable Diameter of Flowerpot:28-38 cm

Net Weight:2.5 kg



Package Includes:

2 x Artificial Topiary Ball

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