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This electric treadmill with remote control provides 2 modes for your selection. One is walking motion (1 - 4 km/h) and another is running motion ( 1 - 15 km/h).

Make every room be your gym room with this 2-in-1 folding treadmill!

This electric treadmill with remote control provides 2 modes for your selection. One is walking motion (1 - 4 km/h) and another is running motion ( 1 - 15 km/h). Meanwhile, there is an LED touch screen on the top and an LED display window at the bottom. Therefore, you are able to walk or run conveniently. Besides, the 5-layer anti-slip running belt and 2.25HP powerful motor make this running machine safe and noiseless. What’s more, you can connect to the Gymax APP via Bluetooth to explore different functions. Likewise, the phone holder and Bluetooth speaker bring more interest while training. After exercising, you can fold the treadmill into a compact size and move it easily with 2 built-in wheels.



Bullet Point:

Walking or Running as Your Needs: This folding treadmill features 2-in-1 design, which allows you to walk or run based on your demands. The speed of running motion is 1 - 15 km/h. When it serves as an under desk electric treadmill, the speed of walking motion is 1 - 4 km/h.

Dual LED Display & Remote Control: This electric treadmill is designed with dual LED display. The upper LED screen is touchable. If you press the pause/continue key, the exercise data will remain about 5 minutes. The bottom LED display window can be operated by remote control and feedback your exercise data


Intelligent Gymax APP Control: This running machine can be controlled by Gymax APP as well. All you need to do is connecting the Bluetooth, which is called Superfit and download the APP. There are many functions on the APP, such as dynamic sharing in community, sports data recording and training courses, etc.

Powerful yet Quiet Running Machine: With 5-layer shockproof running belt and 2.25HP powerful motor, this under desk walking treadmill protects your knees and ankles from accidental injury while avoiding disturbing others. Therefore, you can walk or run no matter day or night.

Foldable Design with Built-in Wheels: If the space is limited, this electric running machine can be easily folded after exercising in order to save your home space. Please remove the handrails before folding. In addition, there are 2 built-in wheels that make the movement more effortless.




Perfect for running (1 - 15 km/h) or walking (1 - 4 km/h) with 2-in-1 design

Upper touchable and clear LED screen for easy operation

Exercise data will keep for about 5 minutes by pressing the pause/continue key

Music playing indicator light and step counter marquee for interesting

Use the remote control to operate the bottom LED display window

Easy to track your exercise data, such as time, speed, distance and calorie

Use Bluetooth (Superfit) to connect Gymax APP for great convenience

Put your phone on the holder and enjoy quality sound with Bluetooth speaker

Reduce impact on your knees and ankles with 5-layer shockproof running belt

Create quiet environment for others because of the 2.25HP powerful motor

Ensure your safety by connecting the safety key

Save your space with folding design

2 built-in wheels for easy transportation




Color: Red/Silver/Blue/Black

Material: Steel, ABS

Dimension of unfolding: 133 x 68.9 x 110.6 cm (L x W x H)

Dimension of folding:138.4 x 68.9 x 13.3 cm (L x W x H)

Size of running belt: 100 x 40 cm (L x W)

Net weight: 34 kg

Weight capacity: 120 kg

Speed range: 1.0 - 15.0  km/h

Voltage: AC-220V 50Hz



Package Includes:

1 x Treadmill

1 x Remote Control

1 x Silicone Oil

1 x Instruction

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4 Reviews

Customer Reviews
  1. It's ok
    Had a couple of issues but managed to get through them. Couple of things they don't tell you.

    The maintenance instructions are unreadable. The English is so broken they might as well have not bothered. Forget about trying to do maintance with it, just look at a few videos on YouTube.

    You can't fold the treadmill or use it in folded mode with the arms attached

    You can't fit a larger sized phone in portrait mode or a tablet in the mobile phone holder.

    The first thing that the companion app asks to do is add itself as a trusted installation source and then download and install an additional APK file. This is extremely bad security and no one should do this.

    Review by Angus

    Posted on


  2. Great buy
    I am pleased with this treadmill. I can now get my steps in despite the cold and dreary weather outside. After use, I simply lean against my wall. Do yourself and your health a favour and get your hot little hands on this!

    Review by Trish

    Posted on


  3. I am happy!
    This is a WONDERFUL swing!!! It’s heavy-duty, will last for years;
    and the straps look like they could be used for climbing mountains! I got one for my 2-year-old, and it holds her AND my son-in-law ( he’s big ).

    Review by Trish

    Posted on


    Best customer service EVER! I had a problem with my treadmill and the support that I was given was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

    Review by Marretje

    Posted on


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  1. Q:   Do the arms on this model fold down too, or do they need to be disassembled individually before folding the treadmill?
    A:    If you need to remove the handrail, you need to unscrew the handrail's screws, remove the handrail, and then unscrew the riser bolt to fold it.
  2. Q:   Can you walk on the treadmill with the handle down?
    A:    You can walk or run according to your needs. The running speed is 1-15 km/h, and the walking speed is 1-4km/h.
  3. Q:   What battery does the remote control use?
    A:    CR2032

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