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A haven for your furry companions to play and rest!

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A haven for your furry companions to play and rest!
With a large hidden litter box enclosure, a scratching board, and a winding entry, our cat tree ensures that your home remains clean and odor-free. As a versatile cat tree, it boasts a spacious plush perch and 2 comfy condos, providing ample space for multiple cats to rest and relax. With 2 platforms, cats can easily jump to their ideal spots. Additionally, the tree comes with 2 dangling balls to keep your cats entertained. Plus, the included self-groomer helps cats remove loose hair for a healthier body. And you can say goodbye to scratched furniture with the sisal wrapped scratching posts. Furthermore, the cat tree features a sisal ramp to fully satisfy cat's scratching instincts. Moreover, the cat tree is equipped with an anti-toppling fitting and 4 adjustable foot pads to ensure perfect balance even on uneven grounds. Besides, the detachable cushions are comfortable & easy-to-clean. Thus, it is the perfect gift for your cats!



Bullet Point:

Private Poop Time for Cats: Designed with a large hidden litter box enclosure, the 2-in-1 cat tree will protect your furry friends' privacy and reduce unpleasant smells. Besides, there is a scratching board and winding entry to avoid cats bring litter to your floor.
All-in-one Cat Tree: The tall cat tree includes a spacious plush perch, 2 comfy condos in varying sizes, providing roomy space for multiple cats to rest. With 2 platforms, cats can easily get up and down. Besides, 2 dangling balls will amuse cats for hours. And the self groomer will help cats remove loose hair.
Protect Claws & Furniture: Equipped with sisal wrapped scratching posts, the cat tree tower allows your cats to scratch their claws and save your furniture from their playful attacks. Besides, the cat tree features a sisal ramp, enabling cats to climb and scratch.
Superior Stability is Assured: With an anti-toppling fitting, every jump your cats make is fully supported to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. To further enhance stability, the cat litter box furniture comes with adjustable foot pads, ensuring perfect balance on any uneven surfaces.
Comfy & Easy to Maintain: The double condo and large platform feature soft removable cushions, which are removable for easy cleaning. And the finished surface is easy to wipe with a wet cloth. The size of the cat tree with litter box enclosure is 95 cm x 55.5 cm x 173 cm(L x W x H).




5-tier cat tree offers multi-level fun for cats
Hidden cat litter box enclosure offers more privacy for cats
Equipped with 2 condos for large & small cats
9 cm thick soft plush perch provides good view for furry friends
Sisal-wrapped scratching posts is suitable for cats to grind claws
2-in-1 ramp will meet the instincts of scratching & climbing
Removable scratching board help protect the floor from getting stained
2 dangling balls meet cats' hunting instincts
Allow cats to maintain healthy hair with cat self groomer
Anti-topping device minimizes the risk of tipping over
Wide base and 5 adjustable foot pads ensure stability
Slightly tilted platform with scratching mats ensures safe jumping
Removable & washable cushion provides clean and cozy rest spot
Winding entry promotes ventilation and provide easy access
Magnetic catch and convenient handle ensure easy door opening
Waterproof surface is easy to clean and maintain




Colour: Grey
Material: MDF, Plush, Sisal
Overall Dimensions: 95 cm x 55.5 cm x 173 cm(L x W x H)
Cat Litter Box Enclosure Size: 66 cm x 55 cm x 46 cm(L x W x H)
Large Cat Condo Size: 48 cm x 26 cm x 26 cm(L x W x H)
Small Cat Condo Size: 30 cm x 26 cm x 26 cm(L x W x H)
Scratching Board Size: 47 cm x 20 cm(L x W)
Top Perch Size: 32 cm x 9 cm(L x W)
Weight Capacity: 20 kg
Net Weight: 35.5 kg



Package Includes:

1 x Cat Tree

1 x User’s Manual

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