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Sink into a Warm & Bubbling Hot Tub after a Long Day!

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Sink into a Warm & Bubbling Hot Tub after a Long Day!

Our 4-person inflatable hot tub spa is ideal for relieving muscle pain, improving sleep, relieving stress, and full-body relaxation, which is good for your health. It is designed with 108 massage bubble jets and can be heated up to 40℃, giving you the ultimate spa experience. Moreover, the circulation water filtration system can keep you always enjoy a clean and hygienic water spa. And the easy-operating control panel on the powerful air pump allows you to adjust the temperature, bubble function, or filter filtration easily. Also, you can use it to inflate and deflate. Besides, it is made of premium laminated PVC material that is puncture-resistant, and high-strength, providing strong support and sufficient comfort when you enjoy leisurely bathing time with your friends or family. Thanks to the ergonomic headrest and convenient cup holder, you can fully relax your body while enjoying a cup of cool drink at the same time. It can be inflated quickly and deflated to a compact size for easy storage when not in use.



Bullet Point:

360° Full-Body Relaxation: The inflatable hot tub spa features 108 high-powered massage bubble jets around the bottom, jetting smooth whirlpools to massage the full body while relieving physical & mental fatigue. Besides, the hot tub can accommodate 2-4 persons, so you can enjoy comfortable bathing with your friends or family.

Superior & Comfortable Heating: The round tub is equipped with a newly-upgraded 2240-Watt heater that can provide comfortable and superior heating. It can be heated by a maximum of 40℃, and the heating rate is 2-3℃/ per hour (Test with an ambient temperature of 28℃). Moreover, there exists a dust-proof insulation cover for speeding up heating and keeping it warm.

Circulating Water Filtration System& Easy Operation: The filter cartridge can filter sand, debris, and hair while keeping the powerful water circulation and clean function. (Notice: After 150 hours of use, it will remind you to replace the filter cartridge). In addition, there exists an easy-touch control panel on the air pump, allowing you to adjust the temperature, bubbles, and filter easily.

Premium Material: The 4-person air-jet spa is crafted with puncture-resistant laminated PVC material (outer) and high-strength PVC material (inner), ensuring superior durability and comfort, and it can retain shape and keep stable even sitting on the sidewall. Besides, it also comes with a PE groundsheet to protect your floor and reduce heat loss.

Easy Setup & Multiple Accessories: The inflatable hot tub can be inflated or deflated quickly by using an air pump, and you can learn how to assemble the air pump to the hot tub through the detailed instructions. Furthermore, it features convenient side handles for easy carrying, a cup holder to get cool drinks within reach, an ergonomic headrest to relax your head & neck, and a repair kit for emergency response.




108 massage bubble jets create smooth whirlpools all round to massage full body

Can accommodate up to 4 persons, enjoy bathing time with family or friends

With the 2240-Watt heater, it can keep heating at the temperature of 38-40℃

The heating rate is 2-3℃/ per hour at an ambient temperature of 28℃

The insulation pool cover can speed up heating and prevent dust from falling in

The secure locking buckles can secure the cover in place firmly

The filter cartridge can filter water from litter and keep the water clean always

The easy-touch control panel allows you to adjust temperatures and functions easily

Made of premium laminated PVC material, puncture-resistant, durable, comfortable

The air pump provides strong power for quick inflation and deflation

With a headrest, relax your neck and head, bathe more comfortably

The cup holder allows you to enjoy cool drinks within touch

Designed with several handles on the side for easy carrying and moving

Designed with maximum and minimum waterline inside

Equipped with repaired PVC cloth for standby application




Colour: Gray/Blue/Yellow

Material: Laminate PVC + PE

Overall Dimensions: 180 x 68 CM (Dia. x H)

Inner Size: 140 x 68 CM (Dia. x H)

Water Capacity: 800 L

Number of Bubble Jet: 108

Heater Power: 2240 W

Rated Power: 220-240 V, 50 Hz

Bubble Jet Power: 700 W

Power Cord Length: 5M

Seating Capacity: 2-4 Persons



Package Includes:

1 x Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

1 x Air Bump

1 x Pool Cover

1 x Ground Sheet

1 x Headrest

1 x Drink Holder

1 x Instruction

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