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The multi-level cat tower is a versatile and adorable playground for cats!

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The cat tree tower features a plush perch and a hammock that guarantees the utmost comfort for cats' relaxing time. With not easy to shed teddy fleece material, the kitty tower provides unmatched comfort for cats. And the cozy condo is a private shelter for cats. Besides, the cat condo features cloud-shaped platforms, creating an enchanting space for your furry friend to explore. Equipped with 7.2 cm fully wrapped sisal scratching posts, the multi-level cat tree will stimulate cats to grind claws, thus protecting your furniture. And the hanging ball toy will keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end. Boasting a wide base, the indoor cat tree ensures stability and prevents any accidents. Decorated with stars and moons, our product creates a magical environment for your cat. And the purplish pink will transform your space into a dreamy paradise.



Bullet Point:

Magical Decorative Touch: The cat tree tower is adorned with beautifully crafted stars and moons, which create a whimsical environment that will captivate both you and your cat. Furthermore, the purplish pink color adds a dreamy feel to any room, making it a chic and charming decor for home.

Choice for Multi-cat Household: The cat tree tower features a generously sized perch and a hammock, allowing your cats to curled up in any position to overlook the world. And the cozy condo with cave-like structure provides privacy for a peaceful nap or a quiet moment away from the world.

Amusement Play Center: Coming with a hanging star toy, the kitty tower will provide hours of entertainment for your cat. Besides, the captivating cloud-shaped platforms will ignite your cat's curiosity and provide endless opportunities for adventure.

Outlet for Cats' Instinct: The multi-level cat tree is designed with scratching posts, which is fully wrapped by natural sisal rope. These wear-resistant and stable posts not only protect your furniture from unwanted scratching, but also aid in promoting cats to sharp claws.

Cozy and Stable Structure: Covered with teddy fleece, the cat condo furniture provides a warm and inviting environment. Moreover, the teddy fleece wrapped half-round corners will minimize the injury to your beloved cats. Supported by a large base, the cat tree tower boasts excellent stability.




Spacious condo will allow cats to enjoy a peaceful sleep

Allow for customizable layouts with rotatable hammock

Moon and star decorated nest will offer a snug and supportive resting spot

Cloud-shaped platform with bird brings fresh experience for cats

Fully wrapped sisal scratching posts help cats to maintain healthy claws

Moon-shaped bridge connects the platform and condo

Star teasing ball can entertain your furry friends for hours

Comfortable teddy fleece will keep warm and ensure safe jumping

Wide base ensures stability and safety

Softly wrapped curved corners avoid injuries

Decorated with stars and moons for added style




Colour: Purplish Pink

Material: Sisal, Teddy Fleece, Engineered Wood

Product Dimension: 59 cm x 49 cm x 140 cm (L x W x H)

Hammock Diameter: 32 cm

Top Perch Size: 36 x 8 cm(Dia. x H)

Condo Size: 30 x 29 cm(Dia. x H)

Condo Entry Size: 22 cm x 17 cm (L x W)

Net Weight: 12 kg

Each Layer Weight Capacity: 15 kg

Hammock Weight Capacity: 10 kg



Package Includes:

1 x Cat Tree

1 x Instruction

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